Guoco Midtown comprises premium Grade A office space, public & retail spaces, residences, & a conserved building . Located within CBD and Key connector between 3 office micro markets – City Hall, Marina Centre & Bugis. Midtown Hub will be an exclusive urban social club that incorporates the best of business and leisure, it is a place to connect like-minded people to create opportunities for collaboration, and ideas to thrive

Name of housing developer: Guoco Midtown Pte. Ltd. (Co. Reg No. 201725806H and Midtown Bay Pte. Ltd. (Co. Reg. No. 201725820H) • Licence No. of housing developer: C1302 • Tenure of land: leasehold 99 years commencing on 2 January 2018 • Encumbrances on land: encumbered to DBS Bank Ltd. (as mortgagee and security trustee) pursuant to Mortgage No. IF/174685B • Location of the housing project: Lot 01037P of TS12 (including subterranean lot 80001M of TS 12, subterranean lot 80002W of TS 12, subterranean lot 80009L of TS 13 and subterranean lot 80010N of TS 13) at Beach Road/Nicoll Highway • Expected date of vacant possession: 31 December 2025 • Expected date of legal completion: 31 December 2028 .