Leedon Green – Freehold prime District 10 with 7 blocks of 638 units . Premium address of Leedon Heights, within the GCB enclave . Spanning over a huge land area of over 3 hectare with ample facilities and one of the largest land size in the area and wide spread of landscape facilities 

Developer: Asia Radiant Pte Ltd • Company Registration No.: 201811652Z • Developer Licence No.: C1358 • Land Tenure: Estate in Fee Simple • Encumbrances: Mortgage No. IF/584825L and IF/832968J in favour of United Overseas Bank Limited • Land description: MK02 Lots 00937V, 00938P, 02337A, 02338K, 02646V, 02649A, 02650P & 02682T at Holland Road, Leedon Heights and Farrer Road • Expected Date of Vacant Possession: 31 December 2023 • Expected Date of Legal Completion: 31 December 2026